Experienced M&A Advisors for Digitally Native Enterprises

Our highly experienced Investment Banking team combines decades of merger and acquisition experience with online and e-commerce business development and sales experience to deliver the very best outcome for our clients when selling their business.

Our Process

Find out how much your online business is worth

"We are honored to be able to work with the forward-thinking entrepreneurs that have created successful businesses and use our knowledge & experience to maximize the value for them in a sale."

– Jason Somerville, Managing Partner

Who are the Global Wired Advisors?

Global Wired Advisors formed out of a desire to serve the burgeoning community of online and e-commerce businesses that make up an otherwise-overlooked segment of the lower middle market. With a wealth of knowledge and experience in building, growing, buying, and selling digitally native businesses at their disposal, our team of Mergers and Acquisitions experts are uniquely positioned to advise you throughout the process of selling your business. We are committed to achieving the best results for our clients and delivering a world-class service experience.

Deep Experience

Our leadership team has over 70 years and hundreds of billions of dollars of investment banking, e-commerce platform building and M&A experience.

Proven Performance

Over 1000 transactions and hundreds of e-commerce platforms grown successfully across multiple industry verticals.

Industry Expertise

We have built e-commerce businesses, and we have been buyers, sellers, investors, intermediaries, & financial sponsors, so we have a complete picture of the landscape when selling online businesses.
Our executive team has completed hundreds of business sales and built multiple online and e-commerce platforms. As a product of our years of collective experience in the industry, our team of advisors offers the most comprehensive financial advice available while ensuring complete and total satisfaction in the sale of your business.

Chris Shipferling

As the first point of contact for our clients, Chris offers invaluable insight to help sellers and buyers reach their full potential before and during, and after the sale of their business. Chris honed his expertise over 17 years as a Sales and Marketing executive for several prominent lower-middle and middle market companies, expertise that has proven invaluable in his capacity as Head of Business Development for Global Wired Advisors. More recently, he has focused exclusively on offering high-level management and consulting services for enterprise-level brands seeking to develop and expand their digital marketing strategies both on and off Amazon. Chris is especially adept at finding Client Companies that are poised for sale, guiding them through the initial steps, and preparing them to make the best possible first impression. Chris enjoys working closely with owners throughout the process of selling their business, getting to know them on a personal level so that we can better assist them in realizing their goals.

Joe Hogg

Joe began his career trading foreign exchange and interest rate futures on the fast-paced floor of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange. Since then, he has worked for some of the world’s largest investment banks as both a trader and money manager specializing in multibillion-dollar structured transactions across fixed income and equity capital markets. Joe left his role as Head of Funding to bring his expertise and passion for interesting, unique businesses to the lower middle market with Global Wired Advisors. He provides an expert level of personal care to our clients, packaging their businesses to attract only the best buyers.

Jason Somerville

Jason is a serial entrepreneur, having owned and operated several successful businesses before founding Global Wired Advisors with Joe Hogg, Chris Bodnar, and Chris Shipferling. In addition to his success growing and selling small to mid-sized businesses, Jason has almost 20 years of experience in investment banking. He spent the early years of his career executing capital markets trades for Fortune 500 and Fortune 1000 companies, honing skills that would later help him buy and sell both traditional and digitally native businesses at a profit. Now, Jason applies his expertise to our Client Companies, looking for unique opportunities for buyers to make a return on their investment, maximizing the value for our clients.

Chris Bodnar

Chris has over 20 years of experience in venture and private equity, Mergers and Acquisitions, and debt capital markets. During that time, he has developed a vast network of contacts and potential buyers that he brought with him to Global Wired Advisors. With his finger on the pulse of the business community, Chris adjusts and adapts to ever-changing trends while devising the most effective creative strategies to take our Client Companies to market. Thanks to his methodical, no-nonsense approach, Chris always gets the best deal for our clients. Together with his partners and co-founders, Chris endeavors to provide uncompromising, insightful service to anyone looking to sell their online business.

Insights from Global Wired

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    When selling an online or digitally native business, process dictates the outcome. From valuation to closing and everything in between, each step of the transaction must be handled professionally to secure the maximum value at a potential sale. An expert Mergers & Acquisitions advisor with a rich background in investment banking can devise an appropriate strategy that will ensure each of your goals is met.

  • Myths About Expanding to New Sales Channels

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