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Our highly experienced team combines decades of merger and acquisition experience with online and e-commerce business development and sales experience to deliver the very best outcome for our clients when selling their business.

Global Network of

Qualified Investors

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Yields Results

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Find out how much your online business is worth

Sell your Company

Deep Experience
Our leadership team has over 70 years and hundreds of billions of dollars of investment banking, e-commerce platform building and M&A experience.
Proven Performance
Over 1000 transactions and hundreds of e-commerce platforms grown successfully across multiple industry verticals.
Industry Expertise
We have built e-commerce businesses, and we have been buyers, sellers, investors, intermediaries, & financial sponsors, so we have a complete picture of the landscape when selling online businesses.

"We are honored to be able to work with the forward-thinking entrepreneurs that have created successful online businesses and use our knowledge & experience to maximize the value for them in a sale."

– Jason Somerville, Managing Partner

Our Process

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    We want to learn about you, your business and your goals. During this first consultation, we work with you to develop a roadmap of how to reach your desired destination. Schedule a Consultation Now!

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    We break down your company to a granular level in order to understand what your business is worth and how to market it.

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    We will build a thorough and professional marketing package that highlights your business in a way that maximizes its sale price.

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    We use our extensive connections and knowledge of the market to target the best potential buyers for your business.

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    We gather multiple offers, negotiate with the strongest counterparties, and choose together with you, the best buyer fit.

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    We bring the transaction to a successful close, monetizing your life’s work.

Who are the Global Wired Advisors?

We ensure that you receive top dollar for what you have built.

We proudly support e-commerce and online business entrepreneurs.

We have decades of experience in buying and selling online businesses.

Serious and focused approach to selling your online business.

We are battle-proven fighters for our clients.

We are eager to celebrate your successful sale.

Global Wired Advisors is a different kind of online business intermediary. We combine deep merger and acquisition expertise with decades of online and e-commerce business building experience. Even as the world has grown increasingly digital, with online platforms becoming extremely valuable and sought-after, the number and quality of firms that assist the owners of these companies has lagged woefully. We felt it was time to provide you with the service, expertise and results that today’s top global firms expect.
We begin by completing an in-depth review of your business and then utilize our experience and market knowledge to get it ready for sale. We then produce a professional marketing package for your company and present it to our global network of qualified investors. We guide you through the negotiation and closing process, handling the workload while you continue to run your business. We also provide a comprehensive post-closing consulting package to the buyer (free of charge to you) that creates additional value for you as the seller.
Our executive team has completed hundreds of business sales and built multiple online and e-commerce platforms. This powerful combination of knowledge, along with our global network of investors, allows us to provide the maximum sale price for our clients.

Joe Hogg

Joe is a Founding Member and Managing Partner of Global Wired Advisors. Joe began his career on the fast-paced floor of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange trading foreign exchange and interest rate futures for some of the world’s largest investment banks. After leaving the floor, he continued his career in banking, managing multibillion dollar structured transactions across fixed income and equity capital markets for prominent global hedge funds and private equity groups. Joe left banking 3 years ago as the global head of funding for one of the world’s largest banks to team up with Jason Somerville, Chris Bodnar and Chris Shipferling to bring a deeper level of investment banking expertise into the online space. The Global Wired Advisors platform offers 60 combined years of badass money making experience, which no other intermediary can offer. We are ready to help you take on what’s next!

Jason Somerville

Jason is one of the Founders and Managing Partners of Global Wired Advisors. Jason began his career in investment banking almost 20 years ago and spent the first ten years of his professional life executing capital markets transactions for Fortune 500 and Fortune 1000 companies. After completing hundreds of transactions with a total value of over $150 Billion, he became a serial entrepreneur. For the next seven years, he bought, built and sold small and medium sized online and traditional businesses. In 2016, he started Global Wired Advisors with Joe Hogg, Chris Bodnar and Chris Shipferling so that, together, they could use their depth of capital markets, mergers and acquisitions and e-commerce business building experience to assist internet entrepreneurs with exiting their businesses at the maximum possible value.

Chris Shipferling

Chris Shipferling is a Founder, Managing Partner and Head of Business Development for Global Wired Advisors. Chris began his career 15 years ago in consumer product sales and has held various Sales and Digital Marketing Executive roles at companies ranging in size from $20 to $300 million. Since 2013 Chris has focused on high level consulting for multi-million dollar omni channel, digitally native, and Amazon-based private label and re-seller brands. Chris is adept at both Vendor Central and Seller Central Amazon businesses and that experience is why Chris has come on board with Global Wired Advisors. Chris brings rich multi-channel digital expertise, helping both sellers and buyers reach their full potential by maximizing sales on their native platform before and after the sale. Whether entering or exiting the internet space, we seek to make that transition as profitable as possible for both sides.

Chris Bodnar

Chris Bodnar is a Founder and Managing Partner of Global Wired Advisors. Chris’ 20+ years of experience in venture and private equity, M&A and debt capital markets, coupled with his professional network, offers a tremendous benefit to our GWA clients and something they can't find anywhere else. He's been through several business cycles, understands markets, and is a creative deal maker. He's also a down-to-earth, no-nonsense guy who likes getting things done and solving challenges. There are a lot of advisors out there who will blow smoke up your chimney. Chris, Jason and Joe have a highly sensitive 'BS-meter' and will cut through it all to maximize your desired outcome.

Referral Program

Join our Referral Program and earn a 10% Referral Fee on every transaction that you refer to us. Our Referral Partners are a valuable part of our team and we love paying Referral Fees. In fact, many of our Referral Partners have turned referring clients to us into a full-time job!


Our Contract
We will provide you with a written Referral Agreement, which details the terms of our relationship. This Agreement gives you the clarity and protection you need to feel comfortable referring clients to us.

Referral Process – It’s Easy!

If you know the owner of a business who may be interested in monetizing their hard work by selling their company - please refer them to us. This is typically done through an introductory phone call or email. After an introduction is made, your work is done!

Don’t just be a client, become part of our team!

When we sell that business, you will receive 10% of our commission at closing via wire transfer. Here is how the math works: Our Commission x 10% = Your Referral Fee.

Example: If our commission is $450,000, then you will receive a wire transfer or check at closing for: $450,000 x 10% = $45,000

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