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Creating an Enduring Brand: 5 Helpful Tips for Boosting Engagement and Increasing Your Company’s Valuation in 2022

With the holiday season well underway, some e-commerce brands are focused exclusively on addressing stockouts and supply chain issues during peak demand. Others are more concerned with advertising merchandise and capturing additional sales leading into the Christmas rush.

Each approach has its merits, however, capitalizing on that increased momentum is equally important. The emerging emphasis on branding in the world of mergers and acquisitions has prompted an intriguing question for founders: what steps can they take to develop a brand that is attractive to prospective acquirers while increasing their company’s valuation?

How to Build a Brand

Planning and executing high-level branding strategy can be overwhelming, even for experienced entrepreneurs. We’ve compiled these five initiatives to help you improve brand engagement while adding value to your business.

Publish Branded Content

Publishing blogs and white papers is an excellent way to establish your company’s credentials as an authority in a given subject, and also provides an added value for your customers.

Beyond generating impressive ROI, branded content signals to your audience that your company is committed to contributing to the community in a meaningful way. Content creation is an integral part of building trust and improving brand awareness.

Expand Your Social Media Presence

In addition to the robust Pay-Per-Click (PPC) ad suites available on each platform, social media empowers you to share your branded content and engage with customers on an individual basis.

Brands like Dove, Nike, and Starbucks have achieved great success across social media by launching targeted campaigns designed to resonate with their respective audiences. By sharing compelling content and interacting with customers in the comments, you too can engender trust and loyalty to keep them coming back.

Leverage Your Brand’s SEO

The practice of Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is an integral part of creating an enduring brand. In the long term, effective SEO campaigns improve organic traffic and boost conversions.

Utilizing best practices will differentiate your brand from other e-commerce businesses in the space. Moreover, a well-established SEO strategy makes it easier to keep abreast of emerging trends so that you’re able to stay top of mind with consumers.

Develop a Cohesive Product Roadmap

A product roadmap conveys the future potential of your brand by outlining new product development, including how the brand will continually evolve with each subsequent launch.

This is especially important, as your product roadmap will not only inform short-term initiatives but will help prepare for a successful high-value M&A transaction. Prospective acquirers often endeavor to understand the founder’s vision so they can gauge the opportunity to scale the business and generate a healthy return on their investment.  

Build Towards a Future Strategic Exit

As you expand your business, strategic growth initiatives can make your brand marketable as well as profitable. You should begin this process well in advance of your anticipated exit date.

Strategies that benefit the business also increase valuation, whereas thinking deliberately about how the brand will continue to evolve as you pursue a high-value M&A transaction ultimately helps you position your business to achieve a better outcome from a future sale of the business.

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