Five Reasons to Invest in Content Creation

The blank page may seem intimidating to some entrepreneurs – a vast, empty canvas that will quickly syphon off much of your time and resources. It is no doubt easier to ignore content creation entirely than to develop an actionable strategy and follow through. Nevertheless, it is something that modern businesses simply can’t afford to overlook. Here are five reasons you should invest in content marketing in the year ahead.

More Bang For Your Buck

Recent data suggests that 90% of all organizations use content marketing, and for good reason. It’s effective, inexpensive, and generates an impressive return on investment. Per dollar spent, content marketing generates approximately 3X as many leads as a conventional marketing strategy.

You can make your ad dollars go further by integrating content marketing with your existing campaigns. It’s a smart investment that pays dividends now and down the line.

Expand Your Reach

Content marketing lets you reach existing and prospective customers in spaces they frequent. There are over 3.8 billion users on social media alone, representing a tremendous opportunity to connect and engage with potential customers. Publishing content is a great way to solicit feedback and encourage repeat purchases, all the while building out your online presence.

Well-established content channels with excellent engagement also add value in the long term. Should you decide to exit the business, strategic acquirers will pay more for a company with a strong online presence rather than one with weaker engagement.

Anecdotally, Global Wired Advisors regularly works with clients that generate significant interest in the marketplace in large part due to their robust social media presence and content marketing strategies.

Something For Everyone

Content creation encompasses more than creating copy for a blog or social media feed. There are a variety of options that are certain to work with your style and voice, including video, podcast, blog, infographic, or a mixture of the above. Different platforms work well in different mediums (YouTube and Instagram are excellent choices for video content, for example).

Whatever combination of content creation suites your needs, developing a diversified content portfolio will become a major selling point when marketing your business to prospective buyers because it builds credibility and improves brand awareness. It’s well worth the effort to develop content for at least two or more channels that fit well with your brand.

Tell Your Story

In addition to practical business applications, content creation is an opportunity to share your story. You can speak to the history of the company, current trends you’re tracking, new products in development, and much more. Storytelling can be educational, entertaining, and a very relatable way to connect with your audience – but the common theme is engagement.

Studies show that engaged customers yield more revenue, so it’s critical to curate content that is interesting to your target market. Diversified, well-made content can take your business to the next level, both in terms of immediate sales growth and achieving maximum valuation at the time of an exit.

Add Value To Your Business

Creating and sharing content is an excellent way to add value to your business and pays dividends now and in the future. An effective content strategy can help you:

  • Get more out of your ad dollars
  • Drive additional new and recurring sales,
  • Build better brand awareness,
  • Increase revenue, and
  • Make your business more attractive to prospective acquirers.

Executing initiatives that add value to your business is an important part of growing and preparing for a sale. If you already have an effective content strategy in place, that’s less money a buyer must spend post-acquisition developing and launching their own strategy from scratch. That yields more money in your pocket post close.

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