Five Tips for Refining Your Business Strategy and Growing Revenue in July 2020

It’s a good idea to periodically revisit your business plan, perhaps now more than ever. Many entrepreneurs are scrambling to adapt their best strategies for overcoming the challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic and growing social unrest. Individual small business owners can’t control these interruptive forces, but they can mitigate the damage by reacting with proactive initiatives designed to boost recovery and drive growth.

Anatomy of an M&A Transaction

When selling an online or digitally native business, process dictates the outcome. From valuation to closing and everything in between, each step of the transaction must be handled professionally to secure the maximum value at a potential sale. An expert Mergers & Acquisitions advisor with a rich background in investment banking can devise an appropriate strategy that will ensure each of your goals is met.

Myths About Expanding to New Sales Channels

While paying a 15% commission isn’t super fun for anyone, did you know that 9 out of 10 online shoppers check Amazon before making an online purchase? If you aren’t currently selling on Amazon and you are not even giving customers a chance to find you! While they might not have heard of your brand before searching for a yoga mat or dog bed, if you’re relying solely on your website to get discovered, you might be waiting a while!

Ahead Of The Curve: Driving Post-COVID Content Strategy for E-Commerce Businesses

Storytelling is a powerful tool, but you must also use your voice responsibly. Now more than ever, it’s important to focus on your writer’s journey – to hone your craft and deliver quality content that will honor your brand’s legacy as you overcome the obstacles in front of you.

Three Easy Ways to Improve Your Digital Presence

The swift transition to online orders and home delivery marks a turning point in the paradigm shift of digital brands wherein e-commerce is not only a viable alternative to traditional brick-and-mortar business but is necessary for every business Consequently, many entrepreneurs are either breaking into the e-commerce space for the very first time or are working to drastically improve their online engagement. Whatever stage you’re in, it’s important to acknowledge that getting online is only half the battle. Building and maintaining an effective online brand is an ongoing task that requires consistent effort.

Boom or Bust: Lessons Learned from the Recent Surge in E-commerce Sales

The current situation has accelerated the paradigm shift of digital businesses and brands. As more people transition to online shopping, e-commerce will present further opportunities to grow both during and after this crisis has ended.

Reading Between the Lines, Part Three: The Paycheck Protection Program and Market Update

As we enter the second full week of May, collective outlook regarding the COVID-19 pandemic is decidedly optimistic. Municipalities around the globe are formulating strategies to reopen businesses and government-sponsored recovery efforts have aided in stabilizing the financial markets.

Reading Between the Lines, Part Two: Economic Impact and Relief for Your Business

Business owners across the U.S. are seeking answers amidst mandatory closures and shelter-in-place orders issued to combat the spread of COVID-19, or the Coronavirus. Our firm is continuously monitoring reports from various financial sources and news outlets as well as government agencies to help you anticipate and prepare for changes to come, and we’ve highlighted the most important developments going into the first full week of April 2020.

Reading Between the Lines, Part One: Everything You Really Need to Know About COVID-19

Recently, business owners and consumers alike have been overwhelmed with news concerning the novel coronavirus, or COVID-19. The sheer volume of reports, both factual and speculative in nature, is a direct result of a collective desire to understand how severely the pandemic will impact our daily lives as we journey into uncharted territory for the first time in modern history. Experts at J.P. Morgan predict the coronavirus will have a more devastating impact on Q2 2020 than anything the U.S. experienced during the 2008 financial crisis.

Selling Your Business, Part 2: The Home Stretch

You’ve embarked on an epic journey to sell your business, an endeavor which requires time and dedication, as well as financial resources. After spending the time to gather and review the necessary financial records, organize business filings, provide what is needed to develop marketing materials, and work with prospective acquirers, you feel quite accomplished as you should. But it’s not over yet. No, even though you’ve come a long way already, there’s still a long way to go. Due diligence must be completed before you can close the deal. This process will have a material impact on the deal terms and the overall outcome of the transaction.