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Copy That! The Importance of Storytelling in Modern Business

Entrepreneurs wear many hats – inventor, salesperson, accountant, business manager – but one often overlooked hat is that of storyteller. It is a monumental task to chronical the history of a company, the development of its products, and the evolution of a brand. Growing a business is an ongoing endeavor and many owners spend a significant portion of their careers attempting to get the story just right.

Looking Forward to the Future: How Traditional Businesses Can Pivot Towards E-Commerce

Small business owners can take advantage of the widespread popularity of online shopping to reach more customers. Building a digital brand presents a unique opportunity to engage with the market and instantaneously convert online traffic to sales.

The Top 5 Ways an M&A Advisor Can Help Sell Your Business for the Maximum Value

Entrepreneurs are some of the most deliberate individuals you are likely to meet. Every decision from the initial concept of a business to selection of new products is carefully considered, often leading to an optimal outcome.


Due to the highly disruptive nature of e-commerce worldwide, marketing strategies have evolved overnight to facilitate the growth of companies like Amazon, Alibaba, and more. Now, more than halfway through 2019, many take pause to wonder what may come next.

Exit on a High Note: When to Sell your Online or Amazon FBA Business

There might never be a perfect time to sell your business; there will always be something that “pulls you back in” and while it (probably) will not literally kill you, it can be hard to let go.

The Perfect Storm: Three Economic Indicators to watch for when Planning an Exit

The best time to sell a company is while business (and the economy) are booming, reading the financial metrics that indicate trends in the economy can be complicated. To help you better understand how to anticipate these trends, here are three economic factors to consider when planning an ex

Understanding the Valuation Process

With so much time and money invested in your success, it can be difficult to price your business when it comes time to sell. Fortunately, there are several online resources such as our Free Value Estimation Tool that can help you determine what your business is worth.

The Dream Team: How to Select the Perfect Intermediary to Help Sell Your Business

When planning an exit, timing is everything. To ensure a smooth and seamless experience, it’s important to have all your financial documents in order prior to the sale, and you should carefully track your company’s performance so you can step away during a period of growth instead of waiting for things to slow down.