SaaS | IoT


The most rapid changes in technology are currently occurring in the Software as a Service (SaaS) industry.  SaaS has witnessed astonishing growth over the past 10 years, amidst a constantly shifting landscape.  As a result, many SaaS based companies have faced a multitude of challenges with product offerings, customer acquisition and messaging used to reach target audiences.  We fully understand this dynamic, and the volatile nature of the industry.  And we have led some of the fastest growing companies in the space successfully through the sale process. 


In the broadest sense, the Internet of things (IoT) encompasses everything connected to the internet.  However, the term IoT is increasingly being used to refer to the rapidly growing network of connected objects which can collect and exchange data using embedded sensors – from thermostats to appliances to smartphones to wearables.  As the industry continues to grow and blend more with SaaS, complexity will likely increase, and product life cycles will shorten.  It is important that you choose the right investment banking representation for transactions in this this industry – bankers with skillsets who can best translate your innovation into top enterprise value. 

SaaS GPS Tracking Company Sold to Multi-Billion Dollar Family Office
Global Wired Advisors was retained to sell this telematics
Company during a period of tremendous early-stage growth.