Three Easy Ways to Improve Your Digital Presence

Businesses worldwide have generally been quick to adapt as COVID-19 guidelines prompt a growing number of consumers to pivot towards e-commerce. In fact, many digitally native companies have flourished despite the challenges presented by shelter-in-place orders and other government mandates. Others who have resisted the change have been forced to make a difficult choice: evolve or risk failure.

The swift transition to online orders and home delivery marks a turning point in the paradigm shift of digital brands wherein e-commerce is not only a viable alternative to traditional brick-and-mortar business but is necessary for every business Consequently, many entrepreneurs are either breaking into the e-commerce space for the very first time or are working to drastically improve their online engagement.

Whatever stage you’re in, it’s important to acknowledge that getting online is only half the battle. Building and maintaining an effective online brand is an ongoing task that requires consistent effort. Here are a few simple ways you can drive engagement and improve your digital presence.

Rejuvenate Customer-Facing Content

You never get a second chance to make a first impression. The saying goes double for e-commerce businesses because an advertisement, company website, or Amazon listing is often a customer’s first exposure to your brand. When your competitors are just a click or a swipe away, you can’t afford to rely on lackluster content.

Instead, consider revitalizing your landing page with fresh copy and aesthetic, high-quality graphics. Post regular updates to your blog about topics that matter to your customers. The goal of your content should be to communicate who you are, how you provide the best value in your product or service, and why they should choose you over similar companies in the market.

Distribute Content Via Social Media

Many companies have business pages on major platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn but few maintain a space that feels organic. Avoid this common pratfall by sharing your content on social media, linking articles, or asking a poll question. Start by posting two to three times per week and gradually work up to posting once per day to stay front of mind.

Social media also represents a tremendous opportunity to interact with your customers on a personal level. You can answer questions or request feedback about an upcoming launch, all while providing additional value through curated content. Research which platforms your customers are most likely to use and focus your efforts on building engagement through those channels.

Expand Your Email List

You can also share content with your email list. Start by creating high-quality templates and send out product launch announcements, newsletters, and e-blasts containing your latest blog update. Then, develop a campaign to drive traffic to your website, social media, and product listings.

Throughout this process, you should also refine the management of your customer data. Update your website to allow customers to sign up for your newsletter, collect contact information when they create an account at checkout, and offer special discounts to be emailed for use with their next purchase. Don’t just send a one-off follow-up email after a purchase. Actively grow your database and get your content in front of your customers.

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